Our Safety Protocols

Learn more about how we minimize the spread of infection and the risk of COVID-19 transmission

Our priority at Maxillofacial Surgery of Greenwich is to provide an experience that promotes the health of our patients and employees. As a professional health provider, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. According to the most recent information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for most of our patients, the immediate risk of virus is thought to be low.

We want you to feel confident when visiting our practices. We have enhanced our already rigorous cleaning procedures as well as instructed our employees to take additional safety precautions with our patients and within our offices.

Additional Safety Precautions

  1. Disinfecting and sanitizing common areas, before and after each patient appointment
  2. We will be using FDA approved technology from Ecolox Tech to produce electroyzed water (HOCL) to fog our patient care areas in between patients. HOCL is produced in our own bodies for self defense. HOCL is on the USDA list for safety when used in organic foods. It has been proven in labs to be highly effective at eliminating pathogens including COVID-19, and is EPA approved for COVID-19
  3. Installing high speed aerosol suction and air and surface purification systems
  4. Screen for symptoms of both team members and patients
  5. Encouraging sick team members to stay home and asking our teams to limit travel
  6. Full PPE during every patient visit

With these additional safety precautions in place, we will continue to see patients and schedule future appointments. To monitor patients, we will be taking their temperature upon arrival for their appointment. We encourage any patient who is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 to call us so that we can conveniently reschedule your appointment. Our staff will work with you throughout this process. We will continue to monitor this situation closely by staying in contact with the CDC, health organizations, communicating with our professional colleagues and relying on other experts.